The Next Generation of Payment System on Blockchain

A Peer-to-Peer Payment Network Based on Stable-token Model

Stable Token

Bitcoin is welcomed as a kind of "digital gold". However, in perspective of trading cost and price fluctuation, the payment function is complemented by stable-token system that is supported by Bit-Fortune.

Redefine Payment Manner

Bit-Fortune provides generic solution based on stable-token model of Blockchain. Decentralized and customized peer-to-peer payment style will be supported.

Six Layer Architecture

Six-layer architecture offered an efficient and friendly framework. Based on the superior foundation, payment system will run in a decentralized way as the next generation payment system that is differed from the traditional one.

Virtual Machine
Script Codes
lssuing Mechanism
Distribution Mechanism
P2P Network
Broadcasting Mechanism
Block Data
Chain Structure
Digital Signature
Hash Function
Merkle Tree
Asymmetric encryption

Two-Phase Consensus Mechanism

Bit-Fortune adopts the two-phase consensus mechanism. In order to improve the weakness of POW and POS (or DPOS), the adjustment of different consensus method is necessary to adapt the large-scale commercial decentralized applications.

user node or miner

Decentralized and safe

Hardware A SICS and CPUs

High energy consumption

Phase I: Community startup

user or generic node

delegates(or witness)

Decentralized Suboptimal and efficient

Hardware no nacessary

Low energy consumption

Phrase II: Decentralized community


Easy to use

More user-friendly features are introduced to make Dapps much easier to use. Allowing customers to build, host and use their own decentralized Apps, smart contracts and functions.

Stable-token model

Firstly used in the field of Blockchain, Bit-Fortune is now constructing a new world of financial system.

Digital Identity

More personalities and characteristics can be supported by Digital Identity. It empowers much more real economies into the Blockchain.

Private Payment

Anti-quantum computing encryptions will be used in Bit-Fortune Blockchain to keep the transaction safe. There are much more options for any users.


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